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A320 OSC – Universal Holding Fixtures

A330 Flap Track Fairings shortened – Universal Holding Fixture

A330 Aileron - Holding Fixture

A330 Center Hinge Fitting – RTM Tools

A330neo Fan Cowl – Universal Holding Fixture and Assembly Jig

A330neo Outer Aileron – Holding Fixture

A350 Flap Track Fairings – Universal Holding Fixture

A350 Top Cover – Universal Holding Fixture

A350 XWB Spoiler, Holding Fixtures

A350 Omega Stringer – Engineering

A350 Overhead Storage Compartment – Layup Mandrel and Inspection Jig

A350-1000 Winglet – Holding Fixtures

A380 Flap Track Fairings shortened – Universal Holding Fixture

A380 Flap Track Fairing – Universal Inspection JIG

A380 Floor Beam Struts – Curing Tools

A380 Main- Noseribs – Curing Tools

A380 Main- Noseribs – Holding Fixture

A380 FTP Ribs – Holding Fixture

A380 Flap Spars – Curing Tools, Holding fixture

A400M X-Bracket – Curing Tools

A400M Inboard Outboard Flap Covers – Lightweight Holding Fixture

A400M Air Inlet Outlet - Assembling Tools

Alenia ATR42 – Reverse Engineering

B787 Dash 9 Ribs – Holding Fixtures

B787 Horizontal Stabilizer – Holding Fixture

B787 Spoiler FHP – Inspection JIGS

B787 Spoiler – Inspection JIG

B777 Ribs - Holding Fixtures

Bombardier CS100 Horizontal Stabilizer – Holding Fixture

EADS ALCAS – Engineering

Embraer Line Age 1000 – Curing Tool

Embraer Phenom 300 – Engineering

Embraer 190E2 Flaps – Holding Fixtures

Embraer 190E2 Flap Track Fairing – Universal Holding Fixture

Eurocopter Spant 5 – Preform Tool

GP7200 Splitter Engine Housing – Inspection JIG

MS21 lower skin upper skin - Assembly JIG

Rolls Royce Trent 900 – Assembly JIG


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