Festive ceremony and the blessing of the new annexe:
On 18th October 2018, a celebration for the 20th anniversary of the company and a solemn blessing of the new annexe took place at the MICADO company location. The big names of the local high-tech companies and training centres, as well as personalities from politics and economy, joined the ceremony.
"Teamwork makes ordinary people achieve extraordinary results." was the text on the invitation to the Jubilee Celebration on October 18th. This message was also the centre of the speech by company boss Edwin Meindl. After welcoming a large number of customers, partners, companions, and employees, the blessing of the annexe by Pastor Damian Frysz took place. Afterwards, the MICADO CEO started to talk about the very beginning of the company. According to Mr. Meindl, he has always focused on quality - concerning orders as well as the selection of employees. "The further development was considered and consistent – always `step by step'. Only that way, and with the input and commitment of everybody it was possible to grow from a start-up with three pioneers to an internationally active company with currently 43 employees.”
Pictures of the event:
Movie of the event:



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