Smart Home is currently very much in trend. MICADO develops intelligent combustion control for Steinringer Ofenbau.

The holistic networking of the individual home is becoming increasingly important for many homeowners in times of digitalisation. Independent of blinds, hoovers and other household appliances, the demand for IoT (Internet of Things) capable products is increasing.
In the joint project "Burney" with the company Steinringer Ofenbau from Leisach, MICADO developed an app controlled burning control for wood stoves. In the future, the Burney should create a special comfort gain for the users, especially through its easy integration into the Smart Home System. In addition, the product primarily reduces pollutant emissions and thus strengthens the "Go-Green" idea.
"It was important for us to develop a product that fits into the modern stove architecture in terms of both functionality and design and is optimally adapted to the needs of the customer. From the planning and programming of the circuit board to the series product, we can cover all development stages internally at MICADO". - Ing. Andreas Dorer (CTO - MICADO AUTOMATION)
BURNEY für Steinringer Ofenbau
Klaus Steinringer ( CEO Steinringer Ofenbau) is delighted with the Burney and is looking forward to adding the product to his range. The first pilot customers have already successfully used the system. "With MICADO we have the perfect project partner for innovative solutions and are very happy with the developed combustion control".

As an innovative engineering company, we are expanding our portfolio with the board development for IoT (Internet of Things) products. We see it as a great opportunity to take product development to the next level and thus to adapt the digital connectivity between user and product in a modern way. - concludes Ing. Edwin Meindl (CEO - MICADO)