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Before reaching series production, building a prototype is necessary. For this, MICADO is your partner for a precise and reliable realization of prototypes. Whether you require rapid prototyping in-house or use our vast supplier network of manufacturers with in-house assembling, it is our priority to deliver your visual or functional models fast and efficiently.
Rapid Prototyping:
Rapid prototyping uses state of the art technology for product development. An in-house 3D printer allows MICADO to make your products come to life immediately.
Supplier Network:
MICADO offers access to a broad supplier network. Be it milled or turned parts, sheet metal parts or bent wire parts, 3D printing (plastic, metal) or manufacturing partners in Asia, we support you in producing your prototypes fast and efficiently.
Our assembly hall of 600qm offers space for assemblies of all kinds. In addition, to that, a small machinery park allows carrying out adjustments and reworkings in a fast and efficient way.
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